2010 Youth Olympics – Day 9

Ian Barrows

Ian Barrow’s wins Olympic GOLD!!!

Ian finished 3rd today in the medal race to clinch the first Olympic gold for the Virgin Islands at the Youth Olympic Games in the Byte CII dinghy.  He beat the two time World Champion Darren Choy of Singapore who of course was the local favorite and the athlete who actually light the Olympic Flame. Germany got Silver and Just Van Anholt of the Netherlands Antilles (GO Caribbean) got the Bronze.  His father Kor, was his coach and as we were standing together watching our flags raised and the VI anthem playing (me crying) he said you know this all began with the Scotia Bank Opti Regatta…. think about it these kids have been racing each other for many years including Darren from Singapore.

It was an amazing experience with the whole VI team there to support Ian as he sailed in and to watch  and cheer at the medal ceremony.

Challis Diaz also had a great day rounding the 1st mark in 2nd place.

She was 13th in the medal race.

David Walter also had an experience of a life time.  He got to meet with Jacques Rogge the president of the IOC.  He actually talked about his experiences at the track and how he liked the format.

tomorrow we are off to a secondary school to meet with the students and talk about the Youth Olympic games.

2010 Youth Olympic – Day 8

David Walter

The Virgin Islands Basketball team lost to Central African Republic with a score of 20-16. This is their final game. Serbia won the Gold Medal. Their players have signed with the European League. The United States basketball team finished 4th.

The Virgin Islands Sailors have at least two more races before the gold medal race. Ian Barrows strategically moved up to 2nd place. Challis Diaz scored is around 20 out of 32.

David Walter, who competed in the 400 Meter races, is one of 205 athletes selected to attend a seminar with the President of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge on August 25th. Discussion topics include the Youth Olympic Games, sports, education, and culture.

2010 Youth Olympics – Day 7

Entire Team and NOC Assistants went out to dinner last night. The restaurant was in a mall (there are malls everywhere) and not just one floor square malls these are 6 and 7 story malls the twists and turns and almost anything you can think of to buy from high end watches and jewelry to dried Chinese herbs and pickled octopus. And they are filled with people at all hours. Well after a bus ride into the Marina Bay area we met up with our assistants who took us to a well known family style restaurant call No Signboard. It was packed. We sat at two round tables with a large lazy Susan in the middle to pass the dishes of food. Our assistants ordered for us as all we knew that we might want to try was the famous “Chilly Crab” and “Drunken Shrimp” From the noodles to garlic fried vegetables the food all had unique flavors. It was en experience. We topped dinner off with some soothing ice cream. After dinner we wound our way through the mall again this time ending up at the subway station as our bus had stopped running. Another experience that many had not had and of course it was packed but very clean and quick. The organizers have given everyone a transport pass that allows all of us to ride the subway and bus systems for free. David and Brigitte off to the Island Adventure and Basketball team to play Egypt. Challis and Ian have day off so they are sleeping in and then off to watch some other sports.

2010 Youth Olympics – Day 6

Friday Sailors got off two races Ian had a 2nd and 8 and with the throw out is now tied for 5th place. Challis was not as happy with her results but still in the middle of the the fleet. Unfortunately now wind today as they sat out at the Sailing Center waiting for the wind to fill in. tomorrow is another lay day for them.

David Walters ran his heat in the 400 with a time of 52.50 Before the race he found his friend from Siera Leone and gave him the cleats. Both athlete and his coach were very appreciative. by the way David did receive his Swatch watch last night. Brigitte is one sticker away.

Basketball lost today against Turkey 31 to 16 who were one of the tallest teams in the competition, tomorrow they will play Egypt.

Last night we visited the Virgin Islands Booth in the Olympic Village put together by a local primary school. They were very excited to have us visit and presented us with an awesome wire sculpture and water color hibiscus done by one of the students. They had researched our country and put together display booth.

We presented them with gifts form the VI including hats, bags and books showing our islands. Jaiver Martinez gave each student one of our pins.

Will try to send off some pictures later.

We are off for a team dinner tonight. David and Brigitte are off tomorrow for the Island Adventure which is like an Outward bound program with lots of team building activities including high ropes and repelling and building rafts.

2010 Youth Olympics – Day 5

On Thursday the entire VI delegation went to watch and cheer our Basketball team as they played against Croatia. We lost to them as Croatia went undefeated in our round robin. The VI will play against Turkey on Saturday.

David Walters will also run in the 400 on Saturday. Besides training, David has been busy working on the cultural and educational portion of the games and it looks like he will be the first VI athlete to receive the special edition YOG Swatch Watch for completion of all major activities.

After their first day off sailors Ian Barrows and Challis Diaz are back on the water Friday and Saturday. Despite rainy conditions Challis had two 12 place finishes out of field of 32. Ian was 8 and 12. Their competition continues until the 25th.

While at the games, each country is assigned NOC (National Olympic Committee) Assistants to help us get around the village and make sure we get all our paperwork in on time and enjoy all that Singapore has to offer. We have been blessed with 3 outstanding young women, Thu Thu (pronounced Tu Tu), originally from Myramar, Esther from Singapore and Peng from Malaysia. They have really done a fantastic job and enhanced our time here in Singapore.

On Saturday night we are planning to take the entire team and NOC Assistants out to enjoy some true Singapore food especially the famous “Chilly Crab” Will let you know how it goes.

2010 Youth Olympics – Day 4

Correction Brigitte swam the 100 Breast not fly sorry it was early or late when I sent. 🙂

Basketball Boys lost to Spain in a very low scoring game 17 to 11′ Played tough but could not score. they play Crotia today to see if they move on to medal round.

Sailors had heavy rains at the venue that delayed and postponed their races They got home late yesterday so it is a good thing they have the day off today to relax and regroup.

Our young athletes are really taking advantage of opportunities that are being offered like having a chance to chat with former champions like Sergie Bubka.

Local schools are setting up booths to teach kids about different countries. We have had Europe and Africa so far and tomorrow will be North America and Caribbean. Some of our athletes will go to a local school to talk about their experiences here and the Virgin Islands.

WSTA is doing a live broadcast around 9:00 every morning with comments by our kids.

2010 Youth Olympics – Day 3

Another busy day for Virgin Islands Athletes.

Brigitte Ramussen swam the 100 butterfly an was first in her heat but did not move on into the finals. She was chosen for a random drug test which is another unique experience. Javier Martinez from the Basketball team got to experience that after the teams first win.

David Walter ran the 400M His first 100 were the fastest of anyone racing but he could not keep it up and finished off his best time.

IOC President Jacque Rogge said at the Opening Ceremony that there is a difference between a winner and a champion. “to win, you merely have to cross the finish line first. To be a champion, you have to inspire admiration for your character as well as for your physical talent” well David Walter did that for me yesterday. One of his fellow competitors did not have spikes for the 400M. So David without hesitation gave him one of his pair so that he could participate having the same advantage as the rest of the field. David will run again on the 21.

Sailing got there first races under their belts. Ian Barrows was over earlier in the first race and got a 5th in the second. Cahllis Diaz was in the middle of the fleet in both of her races. The sailors are scheduled for 2 or 3 races on the 18,20,21 23, 24, & 25.

Basketball was in town for a free throw shoot out when a very heavy thunderstorm dropped a huge amount of rain that caused the tent to collapse ad knock over dozens of people will find out more about that later.

2010 Youth Olympics – Day 2

There was an article in Daily News today. They are going to be asking the 8 athletes questions daily about their experiences here at the Youth Olympic Games. (YOG) and running their answers.

Basketball had another great day. They scored 32 points to end the game against the Philippines with over a minute left to play. All four players really know the 3 on 3 game and make the most of it. Their shooting again has been great. Coach Jareem Dowling video taped their next opponent Spain for them to study.

Again the atmosphere at the venue is really unique The team does not have a game on Tuesday but will be participating in a free throw contest in the afternoon. With the way they have been shooting who knows.

Brigitte Rasmussen swims the 100 butterfly tomorrow and David Walters the 400m.

Sailors Ian Barrows and Challis Diaz had a practice race today but no wind made it a drifting match.

Races begin tomorrow.

2010 Youth Olympics – Day 1

Opening ceremony was impressive. Singapore took advantage of their beautiful waterfront stage and impressive skyline. Lots of fire and fire works, dancersdragons drums, the torch came in by boat across the bay. Hope they showed some clips in the islands. Everyone was home before Midnight so that was a plus.

Bridget swam the 50 breast and was just a little off her CAC best time. She swims again on Tuesday. Bridget really liked the starting blocks that allow you to push off like the track blocks.

The Basketball team had solid win over South Africa. (28-12 I believe could be a little off) At one point they had 3 the pointers in a row. The venue is awesome. Two half court games are going on at once.

Both being announced and music blaring. While the teams are warming up at least twenty girls are dancing while they are shooting. 5 minute halves with a shot clock of 10 seconds It is exciting to watch, They play the Philippines tomorrow morning David Walters practiced at the competition site this AM and will run Tuesday morning. Sailors had another day of practice and will have a practice race tomorrow.

Everyone trading pins and taking advantage of the activities being offered.

2010 Singapore Team

Chef de Mission – Lyn A. Reid
Athletics Ansen Sligar – Coach, Assistant Chef de Mission David Walters – Athlete

Backetball Jareem Dowling – Coach Amadius Der-Weer – Athlete Kadeem Jones – Athlete Javier Martinez – Athlete Rasheed Swanston – Athlete
Sailing Dino Weber – Coach Ian Barrows – Athlete (Flag bearer) Catherine Diaz – Athlete

Swimming Stacy Schaetz – Coach Brigitte Rasmussen – Athlete