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In 1966, several sports-minded citizens of the Virgin Islands agreed that something had to be done to provide our athletes with a better chance to compete on an international level.

The first requirement was to affiliate at least five sports to their respective International Federations by convincing these International Federations that their sports were active in the Virgin Islands and that our athletes could be competitive on the regional level. Six sports were affiliated; Track & Field, Yachting, Weightlifting, Basketball, Fencing and Volleyball.

As a result of a major lobbying effort to the International Olympic Committee, the Virgin Islands was granted permission to participate on a trial basis in the 1966 San Juan Central American & Caribbean Games. Despite many difficulties, Carl Plaskett, Ivan David, Liston Sprauve, Rudy Thompson and John Hamber won medals, and as a result, the Virgin Islands was granted full membership status in the International Olympic Committee.

The Virgin Islands Olympic Committee was built on that auspicious beginning and, with the exception of the boycotted 1980 Olympics in Moscow, has sent a team to every Central American & Caribbean, Pan American and Olympic competition since 1966. The VIOC’s first Olympic medal was won at the 1988 Seoul Olympics by Peter Holmberg in Yachting. The VIOC has grown from it’s original six federations to twenty-three.

2021 – 2024 Executive Board

Behind the success of the Virgin Islands Olympic Committee stands our distinguished executive board. Explore their strategic vision and steadfast passion for uplifting sports in the Virgin Islands.

Virgin Islands Olympic Committee Logos

The abstract depiction of a dynamic bird in spirited flight conveys movement in an upward direction to symbolize hope and aspiration. The highly stylized abstraction of a bird in flight in the colors of a madras plaid also suggests waves and rolling hills with a vibrant color palette inspired by Caribbean flora and fauna. The full color spectrum affords extensive branding design possibilities that few other nations in the world would be able to champion.

Official Virgin Islands Flag & Anthem

Virgin Islands Flag

Features the U.S. Great Seal between “V” and “I”, representing the Virgin Islands. Adopted in 1921, symbolizing allegiance to the U.S. after its purchase from Denmark.

Virgin Islands Anthem

Titled: “Virgin Islands March”
Composed 1920’s by: Sam Williams and Alton Adams
Adopted: 1963 for official ceremonies and international events.

Virgin Islands Olympic Committee Constitution

The mission of the VIOC is to develop, promote and protect the Olympic Movement and its high ideals throughout the Virgin Islands, in accordance with the Olympic Charter. In addition, the aim and purpose of the VIOC shall be to support VIOC athletes in achieving sustained competitive excellence and to preserve the Olympic ideals, thereby inspiring all Virgin Islanders. The VIOC also undertakes to support and encourage the promotion of sports ethics, to fight against doping, and to demonstrate a responsible concern for environmental issues. The VIOC undertakes to respect the provisions of the Olympic Charter and the World Anti-Doping Code and to abide by the decisions of the IOC.