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2010 Youth Olympics – Day 7

Entire Team and NOC Assistants went out to dinner last night. The restaurant was in a mall (there are malls everywhere) and not just one floor square malls these are 6 and 7 story malls the twists and turns and almost anything you can think of to buy from high end watches and jewelry to dried Chinese herbs and pickled octopus. And they are filled with people at all hours. Well after a bus ride into the Marina Bay area we met up with our assistants who took us to a well known family style restaurant call No Signboard. It was packed. We sat at two round tables with a large lazy Susan in the middle to pass the dishes of food. Our assistants ordered for us as all we knew that we might want to try was the famous “Chilly Crab” and “Drunken Shrimp” From the noodles to garlic fried vegetables the food all had unique flavors. It was en experience. We topped dinner off with some soothing ice cream. After dinner we wound our way through the mall again this time ending up at the subway station as our bus had stopped running. Another experience that many had not had and of course it was packed but very clean and quick. The organizers have given everyone a transport pass that allows all of us to ride the subway and bus systems for free. David and Brigitte off to the Island Adventure and Basketball team to play Egypt. Challis and Ian have day off so they are sleeping in and then off to watch some other sports.