VI Bowling Federation Selects National Team

The top 6 male and top 6 female bowlers were selected on October 13th at Tropical Ten Pins in St. Croix, to represent the Virgin Islands at the Concecabol tournament in Cali, Colombia, May 18-26, 2013

The bowlers participated in an 8-game roll off, with the highest pin total determining the winners.  

In the women’s division, Terri Depka came out on top followed by Mercedes Petersen, Sheryl Williams, Sabrina Hodge and Ernestine Canton. Winona Lester will serve as the alternate. This is a strong women’s team as almost all have been medal winners in international competition.

In the men’s division, Ronald Osborne finished in the first position followed by Ronald Moorehead, Edmund Ferrol, Al Baptiste and first time qualifier, David Johnson. Raphael Bramble finished as the alternate. The men’s team will be strong as well due to international competition experience.

The 2013 Concecabol tournament is the qualifier for the 2014 Central America and Caribbean Games.

VI Senior Bowlers Win in Florida

Twelve of the top senior men and women bowlers from the VI competed and won 16 medals at the World Senior’s Invitational in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, May 7th-12th, which hosted bowlers from 7 countries including Italy, Brazil, Ireland, Bahamas, France, USA and the VI. The VI team on 16 medals which beats last year’s record of 12 medals.

In the women’s competition, though new to international competition, the team of Ernestine Canton and Sabrina Hodge won the only gold medals for the VI. Their efforts in the Women’s Doubles competition bested the team of Cathy Matthews and her Italian partner, who took the silver.  Last year’s champs Terri Depka and Winona Lester finished with the bronze.

Cathy also went on to win a silver medal in the Women’s Trios along with her partners from the USA and Ireland. The team of Terri Depka, Sabrina Hodge and Ernestine Canton took the bronze.

In the men’s competition, Nemecio Camacho, Jr., won the only VI Singles medal for the men with a silver. Camacho, Jr., also won a silver medal in Doubles with his partner Vernon Browne. Hugo Moorehead shot an impressive 298 game, tying the high game of the tournament, and along with his partner, Valencio Jackson took home the Bronze in Doubles.

The team of Browne, Camacho, Jr., and their partner from the USA won the silver in the Men’s Trios.

The World Senior’s Invitational is an annual tournament which hosts bowlers over the age of 45 for women, and 50 for the men. The VI has been one of the dominant teams all 3 years since the tournament began in 2010.

The next tournament for the VI team will be July 28th-August 4th at the Tournament of the Americas in Ft. Lauderdale. This will be the 50th Anniversary of the tournament and over 180 bowlers from North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean will be competing.

2012 National Team Rolloff

The Federation is preparing for the 2012 National Team Rolloff and are working to bring a coach from the mainland to work with the national team for the new season. 

Plans are to attend the World Seniors, Lee Evans Tournament of the Americas, and AMF World Cup in 2012.

They also have a Calendar of Events for local bowling competition every month from October 2011 to August 2012.     

Bowling Federation Update

Ms. Terri Depka and Mr. Charles Richard went to Johannesburg, South Africa for the AMF World Cup in November.  Mr. Richards won the sportsmanship award for the tournament.

PBA winner Rob Comito will coach our 2012 national team prospects as well as our junior bowlers.