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Virgin Islands Olympic Academy


Provide Virgin Islanders with an understanding of the Olympic Movement while teaching lifelong positive Olympic Values learned through participation in sport.


The Virgin Islands Olympic Academy believes in:

  • Embracing the value of education
  • Promote the value of sport
  • Committing to a learning culture that encompasses both the mental and physical well being


The Virgin Islands Olympic Academy is dedicated to educating Virgin Islanders about the benefits of the Olympic Movement through the delivery of comprehensive educational and sports programs.


Develop seven Olympic Solidarity programs used for the promotion of the Olympic Values. These seven programs would consist of the following: Sports for All, International Olympic Academy, Sports and the Environment, Women in Sport, NOC Legacy, Culture and Education, and Sports and Medicine.

Olympic Academy Programs

Sport for All: Olympic Day program that will take place on St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John every year on June 23. Olympic Day will consist of Olympism presentations and/or demonstrations along with a run.
International Olympic Academy: Application and selection process to attend all International Olympic Academy, MEMOS and ICECP sessions while at the same time maximizing the number of people who participate.

Culture and Education: Radio program that promotes the values of sport. This program would highlight local athletes, health benefits from sport, local sports trivia and relevant Olympism topics leading up to the Olympic Games.

Women in Sport: Awareness seminars focused on getting more women involved in sport either as an athlete or involved in sports administration.

NOC Legacy: Acquire Virgin Islands sports memorabilia from Virgin Islands Olympic Committee and Virgin Islands athletes. Develop sports library and/or sport research center based on feasibility study.

Sports Medicine: Anti-doping seminar for athletes and coaches using World Anti-Doping Agency designed programs.

Sports and the Environment: Conduct beach cleanups on St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John showing Virgin Islands athletes and Sports Federations actively participating in caring for the environment.