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The Virgin Islands Olympic Archery Federation champions the spirit of archery. In St. Croix, the Archery Club nurtures young talent for global competitions. Meanwhile, St. Thomas boasts a rejuvenated archery field, frequented by enthusiastic clubs. With expert coaching and passion, we’re elevating archery in the Virgin Islands. Dive into the experience with us!

Archery In Action

Follow the journey of Team Virgin Islands as they showcase their talent worldwide. Read our latest stories and track every milestone in global and local competitions.

D’Amour Wins Gold

July 7, 2023

Virgin Islands Archer Nicolas D’Amour shows off his Gold Medal and games mascot “Volco” after defeating Team Colombia’s Jorge Enriquez 6-0, in the Men’s Recurve Finals Thursday, at the Merliot City Archery Range during at the San Salvador 2023 Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games in El Salvador. The final

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Nicolas D’Amour shows off his Gold Medal

D’Amour Advances to the Semifinals at the 2023 CAC Games

July 5, 2023

Nicholas D’Amour of Team ISV showcased his archery skills against Christel Nicolas from Martinique during the Men’s Recurve elimination round on Tuesday. This thrilling matchup took place at the Merliot City Archery Range in the heart of the San Salvador 2023 Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games in El Salvador.

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Nicholas D’Amour CAC Games

Nicholas D’Amour – 2020 Olympic Games

July 23, 2021

The archery competitions at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games took place in Yumenoshima Park on 23-31 July 2021. The Tokyo Olympics marked the first Olympics that the Virgin Islands sent an individual archer to the Games – Nicholas D’Amour, then only 19 years old. In his first Olympics, Nicholas qualified

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More Archery In Action

Archery Programs

St. Croix Archery Club

On St. Croix, William Coles continues to offer practice days on Saturday and Sunday through the St. Croix Archery Club, and DPNR’s Fish & Wildlife archery program. Their Facebook page is and their website is St. Croix Archery Club is committed to develop youth to participate in international training camps and competitions.

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Virgin Islands Archery Federation (VIAF)

On St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands Archery Federation (VIAF), has reopen the field at Bertha C. Boschulte Middle School. Presently two clubs are using the facility. The St. Thomas Archery Club and the Home School Club. With the addition of new range masters and coaches we have ramped up field availability. The St. Thomas facility is guided by Eloi George and others.

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Virgin Islands Archery

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