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International Olympic Committee Women and Sport Commission

Sheelene GumbsOn Oct 26 –28, 2012, the International Olympic Committee Women and Sport Commission held its Continental Seminar in Mexico City for the Region of the Americas and the Caribbean. There were 55 countries represented to include the USVI.

Anita Franz, Chairperson of the International Olympic Committee’s Women and Sport Commission was in attendance as well of Nicole Hoevertsz, Past Chair of PASO. The Seminar training was done by Gabriela Mueller Mendoza and Fabian Smadja, who are experts on Communication and Business Dynamics.

The Theme of the Conference was I Want to, I Can, I Will. The focus on developing working teams for better communication for Women working in Sports and Sports Administration.
The three days were broken down into Self Presentation, Public Awareness, and Personality Assessments for greatest success in Developmental Progress of an organization.

We were all given and DISC assessment and made aware of how each personality type works together for the greatest success and profit level for Sports Management and engaging others to participate and develop stronger leaders.

We were given certificate and enjoy to be a defining force on each of our NOC’s and individual sports. Encouraged to look at the demographics of the girls and women in sports, and utilize that information through research and development to build the number of females competing and being involved in Sports Management.

The networking was outstanding, as there was a mixture of for Olympians, Head of Sport Federations, Member of NOC and IF’s as well as Legal Counsel and Public Relations Officers. The break out sessions allowed for each person in their specialty area, to not only share their expertise, but work with other to gain a greater understand of how all disciplines can work together for greater success.

This was a great experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended, and hope to bring all of the information to our organization.

Sheelene Gumbs