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3rd Youth Olympics Games – Buenos Aires,Argentina

The Virgin Islands Olympic Committee sent a delegation of 11 members to the 3rd Youth Olympics Games. The VIOC participated in Swimming, Triathlon and Track at the games. The games where delivered at an Olympic standard and where organized extremely well.


Opening Flag Bearer – Ky Odlum
Closing Flag Bearer – Mikaela Smith

Athletes / Coaches

Dominic Pugliese (Triathlon) – Scott Fricks (Coach)
Dominic raced in 2 medal events, an individual triathlon on October 8th and a mixed team relay event on October 11th.

Mikaela Smith (800 m track) – Mireille Sankatsing-Smith (Coach)
October 11th – Mikaela’s race (2:23.92)
October 14th Mikaela’s race (2:19.88)

Natalia Kuipers (Swimming) – John Vasbinder & Frank Odlum (Coach)
Women 200m Freestyle 2:15.17 (34th)
Women 400m Freestyle 4:45.60 (25th)

Ky Odlum (Swimming) – John Vasbinder & Frank Odlum (Coach)

Men 100m Freestyle 56:23 (41st)
Men 100m Butterfly 1:00.73 (43rd)